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Tuesday, 28.1. 20:00 // Party

✚✚✚ COLD CAVE (US / Deathwish) ✚✚✚

Cold Cave is the electronic music of acclaimed musician, writer and artist Wesley Eisold. Beginning in 2007, Cold Cave has become a name synonymous with the contemporary resurgence of Darkwave and Synth Pop sub-genres, propelling Cold Cave to perform at world class museums The Getty and the Guggenheim, as well as performances with legends Sonic Youth, The Jesus and Mary Chain, among others. The sound has spanned from experimental industrial noise to rock’n’roll influenced electronic music.

According to Eisold, if anything, his music reflects what it feels like to live in the present. Eisold, whose baritone is as rich and resonating as that of Phil Oakey, Nick Cave or Iggy Pop, says “Of course we love the lineage of the genre, early experiments with machines to convey human emotion; the marriage between pop and industrial music. At the time it was documenting the early stages of a new world, and we are recording what it feels like to be alive in that world.”

1030, Baumgasse 80, Wien

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