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I Like Trains

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I Like Trains

Wednesday, 26.1. 18:00 // Konzert

I LIKE TRAINS, once a band obsessed with history, are now emerging into the light with a new album and a wary eye on the future. They have flourished within Leeds’ fertile music scene since their inception in 2004 and have seen their intelligent, thought provoking and quintessential British world embraced by a growing following around the globe. The NME described them as 'brilliant, unique, wry... at odds with pop's present trends.' Uncut Magazine referred to them as ‘Bold and Impressive’, and the Guardian cast them as ‘Intelligent, very dark humorists… grand civic music, less to be listened to and more to be visited like a museum or war memorial, and all the more interesting because of it.’ The
quartets new album ‘He Who Saw the Deep’ due for release on October 25th 2010, is the first release on the band’s own ILR label. There is a progression and a streamlining to their signature dark atmospheric sound. There is light and shade, hope and devastation. Where once, the band had looked to the past for its inspiration, this record has its eyes firmly on the future, yet for all this ‘He Who Saw the Deep’ is still recognisably an I LIKE TRAINS record, and one which looks set to impress old fans and turn plenty of new heads.

1080, Lerchenfelder Gürtel 29-31, Wien

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