Am Friday 29.7.2011 im Ramien:
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RnB Lounge

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Philip L.Lisa S.Melanie C.Elena M.Najed C.Dav O.Alois C.Robins C.Martin M.Mark J.Oli V.Markus V.Alexander B.Ronald C.Bernd v.Lucas J.Rob W.Vanille P.Chano M.Bubu D.Julie H.Omar H.Dimple S.Eddie K.Manuel D.Clem U.Matthias G.كيفن .Deejay M.Joy A.Pucca F.Olivia A.Magdalena E.Tony V.Bettina V.Didi C.Mohammad S.Nadja W.Hoomer G.Troie O.Anton V.Tomino S.Mailey A.

RnB Lounge

Friday, 29.7. 20:00 // Club

DJ Tomino & friends

Vodkaflasche inkl. Beigetränke bis 24h um nur 50,-
Happy Hour von 24h bis 24h30: alle Cocktails halber Preis
Klima-Anlage *angenehm*
Neue Anlage *surround*

DJ TOMINO & friends(*)
(*) friends will bring you flavas of asian night, soulfood and the touch of smooth talking. be prepared.

29-07 Diggy | Stress | Porn (Soulfood)
05-08 Sammogly (Asian Night)

+++++ f r i d a y n i g h t s t e e l o +++++

*smooth* r n b & h i p h o p *truly* o l d s k o o l
s t y l e *brandnew* j o i n t s ' n j a m z *housy
uplifting'n discoid* t u n e s *spicy* l a t i n s t u f f
*whining* r a g g a & r e g g a e t o n y *traxxx*

++++++++++ i n t h e m i x ++++++++++

fine drinks.
fine people.
fine parties.

party up in here?

gonna make you sweat?
bet on that.

shake your a**?
na hoffentlich.

~~~~~~~ c y ' a l l i n t h e c l u b ~~~~~~

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